Sustainability Done Right!

Always Recycling

Accurate Document Destruction is committed to help its customer base achieve sustainable business practices. We are committed to recycling.

All the paper we collect and shred from our customers is always recycled. In fact, combined with its parent company, Accurate Document Destruction is one of the largest recyclers in the state of Illinois.

All fiber materials after destruction are brought to our processing facility where it is baled and shipped to paper mills for reuse. In addition to recycling whatever we can, we have also committed to using trucks fueled by compressed natural gas.

We are one of the only shredding companies in the country that operate these clean burning trucks.

Providing our customers with an environmentally responsible business partners is of the utmost importance. This cleaner burning American fuel is part of our commitment to minimizing and reduce not only our environmental impact but our customers as well.

Compressed Natural Gas trucks:

  • Clean burning American fuel
  • Release nearly 90% fewer carbon emissions than a traditional diesel powered truck
  • Running on a renewable resource
  • Significantly less sound and air pollution